Apple’s first-generation AirPods were a smash hit, but their convenience and design masked mediocre audio performance. The AirPods Pro is a stunning second attempt, with superior noise cancellation, audio quality, and an ear canal seal. Though not cheap, and rivals sound better, Apple’s many quality-of-life improvements make the AirPods Pro the ultimate iPhone choice.

They will not only sound better but also have more features and useful accessories than the originals. A bit more than the new AirPods with wireless charging, but you get a lot more. Android users should avoid the AirPods Pro.

They, like most earbuds, occasionally fall out of the ear.
The AirPods Pro sound better fits better, and has active noise canceling. Get this if you have an iOS device. Finding the right ear tip size is critical when using the AirPods Pro for the first time. Too big ear tips hurt, too small ear tips fall out.

They aren’t meant to be placed inside the ear canal. The vibrations from the headphones are too close to the eardrum, causing earaches, headaches, and ear infections.

The correct ear tip size will fit snugly in your ear canal. You should be able to start listening to music right away after pairing the AirPods Pro with your phone. The ethos of the product is “just works” like any other Apple product.

To that end, the AirPods Pro have a few features that make them more useful than regular true wireless earbuds. Transparency mode, for example, lets you join a conversation without missing a beat. Transparency mode is easily accessed by long pressing the stem, which is now functional rather than unsightly (though still a little ugly). A single stem squeeze will pause or play music, a double or triple stem squeeze will skip to the next song.