A soundbar is a sound-producing device. You’d think something like this would happen. It is, however, the best soundbar on the market right now. The Arc’s design is so appealing that it enhances the overall appearance of your television setup. That doesn’t even begin to address the sound quality. It’s on par, if not better than, converting your living room into an IMAX theater with Dolby audio. It can also be used as a smart speaker for streaming music services like Spotify and the new Sonos radio stations, with excellent acoustics (the Brittany Howard channel is a must-have). The Arc will alter your television viewing experience.

It’s a good soundbar for the year 2020. The Sonos Arc with Sub + One SL Speakers adds a wireless subwoofer and surround satellites to the standalone soundbar for a more immersive listening experience. Although it is a versatile bar, it lacks low-bass and exhibits compression artifacts at maximum volume, reducing audio clarity. Even with room correction enabled, the soundbar is a little too bright. Furthermore, it is a well-built bar with a sleek design and built-in Google Assistant and Alexa capabilities.

When this soundbar is connected to a Samsung television, the sound briefly stops. This, however, did not occur during our tests.

The Sonos Arc can be used for a number of purposes. This premium soundbar’s Trueplay room correction feature works in conjunction with compatible iOS devices to optimize audio reproduction based on the acoustics of your room. The vocals and lead instruments are clearly audible despite the bright sound. Surround sound and Atmos content are supported, but they are not as effective as the full setup.

The Sonos Beam is significantly shorter. Despite the fact that it is made of plastic, it is of high quality and durability. On both sides of the bar, plastic grilles are installed, and a black plastic mesh is installed between the front and top grilles. This soundbar is also available in white, in addition to black.