Despite the new gaming law’s implementation in 2019, there are still opportunities to play at casinos that do not require a UK license. This carries significant risks for those who have gambling issues. The government’s goal is to keep players in the UK market, but if the market remains as regulated as it is now, this may be difficult.

Unlike White Hat Casinos, illegal or blackhat casinos that operate without gaming licenses pose a significant threat to British players’ interests.

The new gaming law was implemented in January 2019, and subsequent regulations were enacted to protect players based in the United Kingdom. A UK gaming license is now required for a gaming company to be able to operate in the UK. However, which license or licenses are required depends on the type of game offered.

In addition to the requirement for a UK gaming license, there are a number of other regulations that have been introduced to protect UK players from wasting far too much money or ending up in gambling addiction. Among other things, the gaming companies may now only issue a bonus during the corona pandemic and that in connection with registration. The bonus must also not be more than a maximum of GBP100. The UK Gaming Commission has also limited how much money it is possible to gamble for, which is currently 5,000 GBP a week.

Several risks with gambling at foreign casinos

A casino that wants to operate in the United Kingdom must obtain a UK license, but UK players can still play at foreign casinos. The risk here is that you as a player have no real protection if things go wrong. There are no limits to the amount of money you can play for, and bonuses are not only common, but also on much larger amounts.

These benefits may appear to be positive at first glance, but for those who are already in addition, they are not. All of these temptations can exacerbate the situation for those who are truly in need of assistance.

Over-regulated UK market can make players abandon UK casinos

At the same time that there are significant risks associated with playing at foreign casinos, there are significant risks associated with an over-regulated UK casino market. The over-regulated market may cause players to abandon UK casinos in favor of foreign casinos for those who can control their gambling. To avoid this, those in power must ensure that the UK casino market can provide a fun and good product while also looking out for the players’ best interests.

Professionals have recently emphasised the potential rise of black-market gambling as a result of tightening regulations.

There are numerous casinos that are not licensed in the United Kingdom. We discovered and tested the most appealing options, which we now present to you. Playing at reputable international online casinos was a top priority for our team. According to a PwC report, the number of UK online gamblers using unlicensed operators more than doubled between 2018 and 2020.

Also accused of exaggerating the scale of black-market gambling to sway the GC into tightening regulations: UK gambling firms and regulations to keep players safe. According to GC CEO Neil McArthur, PwC’s report contradicts their intelligence picture and lacks evidence of an increase in illegal betting. He added that GC’s own data suggests the impact may be overstated.