Apple is gradually refining the smartwatch format with each new generation of the Apple Watch that is introduced. The Series 5 provides us with an always-on display, which means you will never have to shake your wrist just to see your notifications again. Finally, you can sneakily check the time while you’re in a meeting without making a visible arm movement that will draw attention. The addition of more storage, a compass, and a larger screen further solidifies the Apple Watch’s position as the best smartwatch on the market today.

The Apple Watch 5 is a high-end smartwatch, but it doesn’t represent a significant step forward from the Watch 4, aside from the addition of an always-on display, which is a welcome addition. Although the price hasn’t changed and there’s more storage available, many people will find them less expensive Apple Watch 3 to be a more appealing device.

Is it possible to text while wearing the Apple Watch Series 5?
You can compose and send messages using the Messages app on your Apple Watch, which can include not only text but also images, emoji, Memoji stickers, and audio clips, among other things.

What is the maximum distance between the Apple Watch 5 and the iPhone?

Bluetooth’s normal range is approximately 33 feet / 10 meters (this will vary in practice due to wireless interference). When the Apple Watch is unable to establish a Bluetooth connection with the iPhone, it will attempt to establish a connection with a compatible Wi-Fi network as a fallback.

If your Apple Watch Series 3 or later is connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data, you can stream Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and audiobooks, even when you’re not near your iPhone, thanks to AirPlay and Bluetooth. You can also sync music, podcasts, and audiobooks from your iPhone to your wristwatch via a Bluetooth connection.

Is the Apple Watch 5 susceptible to scratching?

We anticipate that the Apple Watch, which is a versatile smart system packed neatly into a small package, will be durable enough to protect its sensitive technology. To our disappointment, the Apple Watch is just as susceptible to scuffing and scratching as our iPhone.