The Nintendo Switch dominated 2017 with its hybrid gaming console. Many were puzzled when the Switch Lite was announced as a handheld-only device. But hold one and it all makes sense. This is Nintendo’s latest brilliant handheld console, dating back to the original Game Boy. It’s more portable, more durable, and cheaper than the Switch.

The Switch is fantastic. It can be used as a gaming handheld by attaching the Joy-Con controllers to the sides and holding it, or as a home console by docking it and connecting it to your TV. The Switch Lite does half. Since it’s a handheld system, the “Switch” part of its name may not apply. With a classic direction pad instead of direction buttons, it’s still an excellent system.

Like the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode with both Joy-Cons attached, but smaller and lighter at 3.6 by 8.2 by 0.6 inches (HWD). Just the Switch tablet is nearly an ounce lighter, and the Switch with two Joy-Cons is five ounces lighter. The system’s matte plastic shell feels solid in the hand despite its light weight, as there are no seams between the screen and controls, and no rails to separate its components.

The Switch Lite’s layout is nearly identical to the standard Switch’s in handheld mode, evoking the PlayStation Vita. The 5.5-inch touch LCD is in the center, with physical controls on either side. a plus-shaped pad for direction controls and an analog stick on the left side. A/B/X/Y face buttons, plus button, home button, bumper, and trigger are on the right side.