As a child, you had to stomp on the glowing buttons to “crush the spider.” As a result, I require a fun way to exercise, which Liteboxer provides. Buttons motivate you to thrash. Squats, steps, and boxing are all part of the workout. Great. You’ll also want to crush spiders.

I couldn’t wait to try out Liteboxer’s new interactive boxing platform for three weeks! I was able to do this at my own pace thanks to the internet. It allowed me to try new things and fail without fear of repercussions. Continue reading to find out more about Liteboxer, other workout options, and why I kept returning.

Boxing is an excellent cardio workout that also helps to build muscle and burn fat. And the majority of people would have no idea what to do with a heavy bag in their gym. We require motivation, coaching, and calming music. The Liteboxer is the oddest piece of exercise equipment I’ve ever been drawn to.

The iconic gothic stop sign has been transformed into a smart heavy-bag. It’s a large plastic shield with six light-up sensors, similar to the old Simon toys. In contrast to Simon, in which you gently press buttons and repeat patterns to test your memory, you simply punch the targets as they light up. Mistimed or mispunched hits cause the sensor to light up red. Seeing someone punch at it raises your heart rate by about 20%. Liteboxer is not a game.