Smart lighting can replace light switches, but with a switch this cool, you’ll want to keep them. Iotty is straight out of MI6. It has a lovely backlight, dimmer controls, and smart home integration.

Design IOTTY Smart Switch

IOTTY Smart Switch is one of the nicest-looking light switches I’ve seen. The product comes in single (£69.99) and two-gang (£89.99) versions. However, the three-gang version isn’t currently available in the UK. There is only one model.

The Smart Switch is a high-end device with glass finishes on all of the switches. Each Smart Switch has a controllable backlight, so you can have it lit up in dark areas like hallways but leave it off in bedrooms.

IOTTY Smart Switch – Pros

A neutral cable is required for all IOTTY Smart Switches. New homes or recent extensions will have the right cables; older homes do not.

If you don’t have a neutral cable, consider the Lightwave Generation 2 products. These smart light switches are all dimmers; even when “off”, they keep a small current flowing through them to keep the switch powered. The IOTTY method eliminates the need for dimmable bulbs and the switches work with all bulbs.

Installing the IOTTY Smart Switch is simple, but getting a fixed live into two parts of the socket may require rearranging your wiring.

The light socket I used in my home has three cables coming in, with the switch wiring the rest. Getting everything into the light switch’s compact terminals was difficult due to their small size. The IOTTY Smart Switch is 32.5mm deep, so it was difficult to reinstall it in the pattress box.

A wireless network connection is required to use the IOTTY Smart Switch. Join the Smart Switch’s wireless network first, then your home network. You’ll need a good wireless signal where you put the light switch, but you won’t need another hub.

Switches can be grouped into rooms to make finding them easier. Once installed, the light switch can be turned on or off manually with a tap. You can use the app to do more.