This is a portable sterilizer. Its UV light can kill germs on almost anything. Yes. From groceries to luggage to whatever else needs a quick sanitizing but isn’t soap or GermX-friendly, this wand is a must-have (and is greener than Clorox wipes).

With the push of a button, the specialized LEDs emit a high-energy UVC beam, effectively sanitizing surfaces without the use of chemicals. UVC light can kill 99.9% of germs in 30 seconds.

Why a UV sanitizer

That’s why UV light sanitizers can be a great backup plan for out-of-stock items. There will always be questions about the efficacy of new technologies, but research shows that UV sanitizers kill 99 percent of germs in most cases.

Its UV light is safe for your devices. Long-term exposure to UV light can harm plastic. This is more than enough time to completely sanitize and disinfect your phone, but never enough time to damage it.


The CleanPod retails in a simple box. On the front of the box is an outline of the product. In all honesty, it doesn’t look like the CleanPod, but I’m sure it is. Cleaning and disinfecting your home or office is easy with the CleanPod and its USB-C charging cable. All white CleanPod, storage pouch, and lanyard; gray charging cable. This color scheme goes well with the box theme.

  • UVC light damages skin and eyes. Do not use on humans or animals.
  • The product may explode if placed in a fire.
  • Avoid using the product in humid areas (e.g. bathrooms) to avoid short-circuit damage.
  • Stop charging if the product becomes abnormally hot or deformed.

Even though product designers are copying the CleanPod concept with enclosed cases and other containers, UVC light can harm human eyes and skin. Others have sensors that turn off the light when motion is detected or a door is opened. These safeguards protect the end-user. Because the CleanPod lacks these features and the LEDs are exposed, you must use it with caution. The CleanPod has a safety switch that must be flipped to turn on the wand. That’s not much of a safety precaution, but it prevents you from accidentally turning on the wand while it’s in a bag and draining the battery. The lack of safety precautions worries me because people who think it’s safe to drink bleach to get rid of infections will think it’s safe to just run this light across their faces or their children’s faces, potentially causing permanent damage.