LOVE LOVE LOVE them. By love, I mean adoration.

And Nanoleaf has made interactive lighting accessible. Nanoleaf’s wall light panel collection now includes hexagons, in addition to triangles and squares. These lights can make amazing colors and patterns, respond to touch, and even act as a smart home controller. You can program gestures to turn on other smart lights, send commands to a smart home assistant, and more. Nanoleaf recently added a reactive feature where the hexagons change color based on TV content. This is futuristic lighting and a great conversation starter.

How bright are Nanoleaf panels?

Even a Starter Pack of the brightest panels – the Nanoleaf Lighting Panels or Hexagons – would only produce 700 lumens, less than one 60-watt light bulb.

Nanoleaf is known for its eye-catching, interactive, and modular light panels, and its new Shapes line has improved a good smart gadget.

By replacing the old, too-loose connectors and refining the installation process, Nanoleaf improved its earlier products’ smooth edges while keeping their gorgeous animated lighting scenes, smart “touch actions,” and integrations with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

Hexagon in the Shapes series has three key advantages over Light Panels and Canvas. Start with the new, secure “links” that Shapes panels have over Light Panels and Canvas squares’ slide-in connectors. Shapes panels also come with separate snap-on mounting plates, eliminating the need to tape or screw directly to the wall. Finally, Shapes shapes can be connected, but Light Panels and Canvas squares cannot.

The 0.24 inch thick Hexagon panels are 8 inches wide and 9 inches long when measured from corner to corner. Individual panels weigh less than half a pound and are sturdy.

They are a must for EVERYONE!